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About us

At Maple Tree Store, we can be your partners to help expand your business and sell your products online on global online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Flipkart, etc in countries like USA, UK, France, etc

We’ve got great tie-ups & infrastructure overseas which can be used to your brand’s benefit

Our Stores

Amazon India, Flipkart India, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Italy, Amazon Espagne, Amazon Denmark, Instagram and Facebook.

How does it work?

Step 01 – Business Strategy​

We will strategically target the right marketplaces for your product, choosing from Amazon India, Amazon UK, Amazon USA, etc. to make your products available to relevant markets

Step 02 – Product Listing

After we have a strategy in place, we will get the product photographed once you’ve sent the samples for the products you intend to sell. Once we have the photographs ready, your products will be cataloged listed across the online marketplaces

Step 03 – Logistics

Product in the intended quantity will be labelled and then shipped / transported to the various fulfillment warehouses which have been shortlisted

Step 04 – Selling​

Once the products are received by the fulfillment warehouses of the online marketplaces, we will make your product listings live and ready to sell. All your product listings will be optimized to improve their visibility online

Step 05 – After Sales Service​

We will make sure that you’re paid for your sold inventory within 15 days after we’ve received the payments for the same from the online marketplaces. Monthly reports will be provided by us for you to keep track of your product sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – Will my products be sold as my own brand or sold under some under brand name?

Answer 1 – Your product will be sold under your brand name in our stores online. We have existing stores operational on various online marketplaces. We will be selling your product under your brand name on our stores.No, the labelling bit here refers to the mandatory QR codes for logistical reasons by Amazon. They are not our brand labels. 

Question 2 – Will my products be sold under my own store on Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, & other online marketplaces?

Answer 2 – No, your products will be sold on our existing operational stores on various marketplaces. The advantage for you will be the better reach that we can provide your products as our stores are highly optimized for the online marketplaces where they are listed. You will also be given reports for your sold inventory on a monthly basis.

Question 3 – Will my products be sold on all your stores or I can decide which marketplace that I can list on?

Answer 3 – You can decide which of our online stores you can sell your products on. We will suggest you the relevant stores using our expertise, but the final decision will be yours. The general recommendation is to start listing your products on marketplaces in one or two countries and then scale up from there

Interested in selling on our portals? We can get your products listed on multiple marketplace and get your products global through our partnerships. If that sounds interesting to you, contact us on:



Phone: +91 9819026725